While your dog is staying at Tomlinsons Boarding Kennels why not take advantage of some one-to-one personal dog training?.

Obedience and agility training with me will be stimulating and fun! I use Clicker techniques to shape a dog's wanted behaviour - the technical term is known as "positive reinforcement". It simply means you only respond to behaviour that you want with a reward of some kind - be it food, play or praise.

The most common dog training issue that handlers have difficulty with is the Recall. It can be one of the most frustrating (and stressful) situations that owners endure when their dog disappears and all the shouting of his/her name goes completely "unheard" by those furry ears! (or does it)? Positive and rewarding training sessions with plenty of fun and motivation will turn your dog around - quite literally (and make "off lead" walks a pleasure for you both)!

OR maybe you want your dog to do "something a bit different" while they are on holiday too?

My fun agility sessions teach dogs how to negotiate each obstacle on the course in an enclosed secure environment and will be "off lead" once the dog has confidence with the equipment that will be always be set at a low heights. Remember, this is only an introduction to the sport and will be done safely. The objective of these fun activities is for your dog to have some free running time to disperse their energy levels and at the same time enjoy doing something 'a bit different'... isn't that what holidays are all about?

Going away without your dog can be a wrench - but knowing your dog will be having some personal training and individual quality time will make your holiday all the more enjoyable... reassured that your pal is enjoying their break just as much as you are!

Sessions ideally should be pre booked prior to your dogs stay at Tomlinsons and a meet with me beforehand is ideal to discuss what you would like your dog to do while you are away. This gives me and your dog the opportunity to say hello and chat with you about your dog’s residential training.

Price per session: £15.00