There may be a time when you feel a class lesson is not quite fulfilling your training needs regarding a specific obstacle or handling technique. A one-to-one lesson will concentrate on your individual requirements and possibly suggest a different approach that gives you a different result.

Small group classes are also offered that will focus on particular areas of agility such as 'contact training', 'weaving' or 'directional control'. A phone call or email to discuss your particular training requirement will help me to evaluate what would be most beneficial for you.

Daytime sessions are now available. Dogs that excel at Agility can also develop unwanted behaviours that may need a different approach - and a new way of learning something they already know - to achieve a successful result!

Communication is a two way thing that in most cases of human/dog interaction - breaks down because WE have failed to "connect". Don't despair... these sessions will teach you to "think dog"!