The Harlequin Canine Academy

The Harlequin Canine Academy believes that positive reward–based training is the only way to train a dog. Your dog has been taught early life skills from his mother and littermates – now it is your responsibility to ensure that an interactive and pleasurable education continues throughout the rest of his life.

Socialisation is by far the most important skill to learn. Your dog needs to be able to understand communication from another dog in order to interact and play - or interpret signs and signals and steer away from a hostile encounter.

Training classes at Harlequin bring together all types of behaviour from hyper-active youngsters to fearful less confident dogs, but in a controlled environment.

Fair and kind methods of training will enable you and your dog to have a better understanding of one another which will, in turn, build a relationship of trust between you both. Without trust – neither you or your dog will be confident in each other –Isn’t it the foundation for any relationship?

Classes are always full of motivation and fun – essential ingredients to prevent either of you from becoming bored!

Training dogs is all about "WHY?"... "why doesn't he come back to me?" "Why does he pull on the lead?"... Training you to understand "WHY" is where we will begin...